The Empress of the Laundry Room
A Work in Development by Paullette MacDougal
January 4 to February 2, 2019
Directed by Elvin Moriarty and Judy Reeves
Audition Info
Auditions take place at Theatre Suburbia (4106 Way Out West Dr 77092) and consist of cold readings from the script. A resume and headshot are appreciated, but not required. Sign in begins one hour prior to start.
For more information, leave a voice mail at 713.682.3525 with your questions and a contact number.
Sunday, November 4, 2018 @ 2.00pm
Monday, November 5, 2018 @ 7.30pm
Clarence the Burglar (40s - 60s M) - A charming, intelligent homeless man, down on his luck. At the beginning he has a beard covering a small mole on his chin. He wears a concertina like a backpack.
Lily Eileen the Ghost (not young F) - An attractive, sex-starved, clothes-conscious poltergeist on a serious man hunt.
Cody (7 - 10) - The youngest son. Cute, lovable mischief-maker in cowboy gear. (Could be a tomboy.)
Rosella (40s - 60s F) - A Romani (Gypsy) housekeeper. The real mother and hub of family life. She's a tarot expert, a practitioner of gypsy magic, and well-connected to the spirit world. She spontaneously bursts into song.
Jonathan Woodhull (40+ M) - Jessica's husband, a lawyer and ambitious politician. Overly ethical, a little up-tight, he is a likeable social bumbler.
Jessica Woodhull (30+ F) - An attractive, neurotic, highly-focused career woman, suffering from guilt and suspicion. Jonathan's second wife.
Stephen the Groom (20s M) - Jonathan's son, the oldest of Cody's three brothers. An attractive young man.
The Bride (20s F) - Beautiful, self-centered, with upper-crust tastes and lower-crust sensibilities. AKA Deloris, Dawn & Twilight.
Miss Maytag (F) - The washing machine. Goofy-looking. her voice is sweetly bossy. Maybe she's dressed like a piece of machinery.
General Electric (M) - The Dryer. A military demeanor, ready for battle, but when Maytag gives commands, he turns submissive.